The Lakime website prohibits the sale of the following products:

  • Medicine
  • Drugs
  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Objects promoting illegal activities
  • Personal information
  • Health care products
  • Stolen items
  • Cash

The competition duration commences on the day the advertisement is published and concludes on the date predefined by the seller. Lakime reserves the right to cancel any lottery without providing a reason.

Lakime also retains the right to disallow the publication of an advertisement/competition and/or remove, at its discretion, any participation that does not align with its philosophy or to promote more attractive products for faster sales. Additionally, Lakime can remove any advertisement with offensive content or that violates applicable laws or ethics. Lakime has the authority to reject competitions/advertisements violating the current terms and conditions and retroactively cancel participations that fail to meet requirements.

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