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The lottery drawing will proceed as scheduled, regardless of the number of tickets sold. If the seller successfully delivers the prize to the winner, we will transfer the funds generated from ticket sales. However, in the event that the seller is unable to provide the prize, the winner will receive an amount equivalent to 70% of the total ticket sales, and the seller will retain the product. This ensures fairness and transparency for all participants in the event.

The winner will be determined through an electronic lottery process. We use "," an electronic number generator known for its reliability. It's certified by the independent laboratory ECORGA, which adheres to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards. ECORGA is located in London, United Kingdom, at 2/F Berkeley Square House Street, Berkeley Square, London, W1J 6BD.

To ensure transparency and fairness, our lottery drawings are broadcasted live on the Lakime platform. This way, participants can witness the random selection of the winner in real-time.

Your chances of winning in the lottery are directly related to the number of tickets you have purchased compared to the total number of tickets sold. For instance, if there are 100 tickets in total and you've purchased 1 ticket, your chances of winning are 1 in 100. In simple terms, your odds are determined by the ratio of your tickets to the total tickets available.

You can conveniently purchase tickets using various payment methods, including debit/credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. We offer multiple options to make it easy for you to participate in the lottery.

It's easy! You can snag a free ticket by sharing your favorite product on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Once you've done either, don't forget to let us know by sending an email to to claim your complimentary ticket. Just a heads up, for the share to qualify, it needs to stay online for at least 24 hours, and please note that you cannot obtain more than one free ticket per month. The selection of free ticket recipients is done by the Lakime Team.

The timing of the lottery can be determined in one of two ways: either on a specific date chosen by the seller or after all available tickets have been sold, depending on the seller's preference. This flexible approach allows sellers to tailor the lottery event to their specific needs and objectives.

The cost of a ticket for each lottery varies and is determined by the seller. The seller specifies the price for each ticket, allowing for flexibility in pricing across different lottery events.

Absolutely. You have the option to buy as many tickets as you'd like, subject to the availability of tickets for the specific lottery event. This means you can increase your chances of winning by purchasing multiple tickets if you wish.

Every Lakime lottery is supported by our "Lakime guarantee." In the event that you do not receive the prize you've won or if it varies from the advertised prize, we will provide you with a refund equivalent to 70% of the total income generated from the ticket sales. This guarantee is in place to ensure the integrity and fairness of our lotteries.

We prioritize the security and fairness of our lotteries, and participants can be confident in the following protective measures:

  1. Automated Lotteries: Our lotteries are fully automated, which means that sellers have no control or influence over the selection of the winner. This ensures that the process is impartial and unbiased.

  2. Fund Security: We keep the funds in our account until there is clear confirmation of the successful delivery of the prize to the winner. This approach eliminates the possibility of a seller providing false information or promoting non-existent prizes.

These safeguards are in place to protect our participants and maintain the integrity of the lottery process, making it a trustworthy and secure platform for all.

Congratulations on your win! To claim your prize, please get in touch with the seller to arrange the delivery method for your prize. Once you've received your prize and are satisfied with it, be sure to click the "I GOT IT" button. This action is essential as it confirms the successful receipt of your prize, allowing the seller to receive the proceeds from the ticket sales.

Absolutely! We prioritize the security of your card payments. We maintain our own merchant account and utilize a payment processor that is endorsed by both Visa and MasterCard. This ensures that your card payments are processed in a secure and trusted manner, providing peace of mind for our users.

Lakime's Verified Sellers excel in customer service and have a strong history of successful transactions, offering a trustworthy and exceptional shopping experience.


Registration for your product is absolutely free with Lakime. We only charge a commission fee of 10% in the event of a successful sale. If your product doesn't sell, you won't incur any charges as a seller. This way, you can list your product risk-free and pay us only when you make a sale.

A lottery is considered successful for the seller when all available tickets are sold by the designated date. This means that the seller has achieved the maximum potential sales for their lottery event.

If there are unsold tickets by the specified date, you have two options:

  1. You can choose to accept the sale of your product at a price corresponding to the total number of tickets sold. In this case, the product will be sold to the lottery participant.

  2. Alternatively, you can decline the sale of your product and retain ownership of it. This ensures you have the flexibility to decide whether to sell your product based on the level of interest and ticket sales.

Once the lottery is successfully completed, you will promptly receive an email containing all the contact details of the winner. This ensures a transparent and straightforward process for connecting with the lucky recipient of the prize.

Not to worry! If you've decided not to proceed with the sale, please notify us promptly by sending an email to In this case, the lottery will still occur as planned, and the winner will be awarded an amount equivalent to 70% of the total ticket sales. Your quick communication allows us to ensure a smooth and fair process for all participants.

Once the lottery has successfully concluded, and the winner has accepted the prize, we will process your payment. Profits from the ticket sales will be sent to you, with Lakime retaining the predefined commission. Typically, payments are disbursed within 48 hours after the winner's acceptance of the prize. This ensures a prompt and efficient payout process.

To discover the winner, you will receive an email from Lakime. This email will contain the name of the winner, their contact details, and information about the winning ticket. This ensures transparency and keeps you informed about the outcome of the lottery.

Absolutely! You have the option to donate anywhere from 5% to 100% of the proceeds to a charity of your preference. Once you've successfully submitted your ad, kindly inform us of your decision to contribute to a charitable cause.

The duration of your product's listing on the Lakime platform depends on two scenarios:

Case (1): If no tickets have been sold within a period of 6 months from the date of product registration on the platform, the product will be automatically removed.

Case (2): If, within a period of 12 months from the date of advertisement registration, not all the tickets have been sold (with at least one ticket sold), the lottery event will proceed regardless of the total number of tickets sold. If the seller successfully delivers the prize to the winner, we will release the proceeds from the ticket sales to the seller. In the event the seller chooses not to deliver the prize, the winner will receive an amount equal to 70% of the ticket sales, and the seller will retain ownership of their product. This policy ensures fairness and encourages active participation in your lottery.

You can choose to receive your payment via a wire transfer to your preferred bank account. This method ensures a secure and convenient way to access your funds.

The winner will receive notification by email directly from Lakime. This email will contain all the necessary information about their win and how to proceed to claim their prize.

When setting up your advertisement, you will have the option to choose the shipping and delivery method for your prize. Once the lottery is successfully completed, it will be your responsibility to contact the winner and coordinate the shipment and delivery of the prize according to the method you've previously selected. This ensures a smooth and efficient process for delivering the prize to the lucky recipient.

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