Terms & Conditions

1. Lakime

1.1 The Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) under the name Lakime Limited, based in London with Company Number 12465949 hereinafter "The Organizer" or "Lakime" organizes competitions (hereinafter "Competition") and is responsible for all competitions organized on the website www.lakime.com or in the online application of Lakime.

1.2 In the current document are determined the general conditions of participation of the users and participants ("hereinafter Participants") in the Competition for the nomination of the winner. Participation in the Competition presupposes and implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. Laws & Regulations

2.1 Competitions conducted through Lakime are not subject to gambling laws.

2.2 The term "ticket" is stated several times on our website, however, this is done only for marketing and SEO purposes. All competitions hosted at Lakime are considered prize competitions and not raffles.

3. Advertisement Registration

3.1 In order to post an advertisement on our website, you must fill in the relevant form, information such as your full name, email and phone number, the title and description of your advertisement, photos, the price of each ticket, the total number of the tickets, the shipping fee, the date and time of the lottery and then accept the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy as well as the present Terms and Conditions of the Competition.

3.2 The seller has the opportunity to post the advertisement on the Lakime website without paying any amount of money or free. The price of each product / commodity for sale will be broken down into shares and in particular into the aforementioned "tickets". The sellers guarantee and are responsible for the correct and accurate provision of the information about the product for sale that will be made publicly available.

3.3. By posting an advertisement, the seller comes into an agreement with Lakime which obliges him to sell the registered product to Lakime in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein:

a) Lakime agrees and guarantees to buy the product at the total price corresponding to the price per ticket described at the seller's discretion, multiplied by the total number of tickets sold up to the closing date of the lottery.

b) Lakime will receive a commission of 10% from the sale of the product which will be deducted from the total price mentioned in paragraph 3.3. (a).

c) Lakime agrees and guarantees that it will return to the seller the amount of the listed price of the product submitted by the seller if the advertisement was placed within 30 days from the date of the draw or within 48 hours after the winner pressed the button "I GOT THE PRIZE" which can be found on the winning ticket (whichever comes first).

d) The seller acknowledges and accepts his obligation to contact the winner of the product themselves to arrange the delivery or collection of the prize.

e) The seller acknowledges and accepts the obligation to take all necessary measures to ensure the safe delivery of the prize to the winner of the product. In addition, it is his obligation to receive all the items, ie the relevant receipts of shipment or delivery, in case he has to prove the sale and receipt of the prize. In case of non-compliance with the above deadlines, Lakime does not bear any responsibility for compensation, replacement or redemption of the prize to the alleged winner of the competition.

f) The seller is obliged to deliver the prize to the winner within 25 days from the end date of the lottery. If the seller does not deliver the prize within the above deadline, Lakime is not obliged to pay the seller the amount of the listed price of the product while the latter remains obliged to deliver the prize to the buyer.

4. Prohibited products

Prohibited products must not be sold on the Lakime website and that includes:

  • Medicine
  • Drugs
  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Objects promoting illegal activities
  • Personal information
  • Health care products
  • Stolen items
  • Cash

5. Ticket purchase/Entry in the competition

5.1 Eligible to participate in the competition are natural persons who have accepted these terms and conditions and have completed 18 years of age.

5.2 In particular, a prerequisite for participation in the competition is the earlier registration of the participant in the competition by creating and activating a personal account (filling out a relevant entry form) on the website www.lakime.com or its electronic application Lakime as well as the acceptance and observance of the terms and conditions of the competition.

5.3 The account will be created after verifying the e-mail address and telephone number of the participant (hereinafter "buyer").

5.4 The alleged buyer has the option to purchase one and / or more tickets. In order for the buyer to purchase the ticket, he must correctly answer a question (eg What is the highest mountain in Greece?). If the question is answered correctly, he will be able to take part in the lottery. Then the lottery takes place, from which a buyer is drawn and selected as the "winner of the product".

5.5 Refunds are not allowed after the purchase of a ticket even if the specific ticket does not win in the lottery.

6. Duration of the competition

6.1 The duration of the competition is set from the day of advertisement publication until the final date set by the seller. Lakime reserves the right to cancel any draw without providing a reason for that action.

6.2 Lakime has the right not to allow the publication of an advertisement / contest and / or to withdraw at its sole discretion and discretion any post that is contrary to its philosophy, to post attractive products in order to sell them more easily and in a short time. Lakime also has the right to remove any ad whose content is offensive or contrary to the law or ethics in any way, to reject contests / advertisements that violate these terms and conditions as well as to cancel subsequent entries that do not meet them.

7. Violation reports

In case you notice any violations on the current terms and conditions, please let us know by contacting us at the email info@lakime.com. In this case the seller and the participants will be informed regarding the cancelation of the competition by Lakime.

8. Ways to nominate a winner/ Electronic lottery to select the winner

The winner is announced after an online lottery, which is conducted through an electronic random number generator called “random.org”. “Random.org” is a company dedicated to conducting comments, lotteries and draws, to promote online games, to scientific applications, to art and music. The lottery through random.org excludes human intervention and ensures the integrity of the process and is certified by the individual lab ECORGA (ISO / IEC 17025: 2005) based in London, United Kingdom, 2 / F Berkeley Square House Street, Berkeley Square London, W1J 6BD.

The lottery will take place regardless the number of tickets sold. If the seller delivers the prize to the winner, then we will send the money from the sales of the tickets. If the seller fails to deliver the prize then the winner will receive an amount of money equal to 70% of the tickets sold and the seller will keep the product.

9. Informing the winner

9.1 The final results of the competition will be announced by Lakime by publishing the winner's ticket code or name on its website, provided the latter gives its explicit consent to that method of announcing the winner.

9.2. The winner will be notified immediately after the lottery with an electronic personal email which will be sent to the email address provided by each participant.

9.3. The winner, after being informed, will receive a relevant email with all the necessary information on how to receive their prize as well as the details of the seller, who will contact them to deliver the prize.

9.4. The winner must contact the seller or Lakime within 21 days after the day of the lottery. Otherwise the lottery is canceled.

9.5 The seller will also receive an email from Lakime informing them of the winner's contact details, including name, email, phone number and ticket details.

10. Delivery/Shipment of the Prize

10.1. Shipping costs are not included in the price of the product unless a relevant and explicit reference is made to the respective advertisement.

10.2. In case of delivery / shipment of the prize to a specific place, the seller and the winner are responsible for communicating with each other for the relevant details.

10.3 The winner confirms within 25 days whether they received the prize or not by selecting either "I GOT THE PRIZE" or "I DID NOT GET THE PRIZE" and this option will determine the seller's payment.

10.4. What does "I GOT THE PRIZE" and "I DID NOT GET THE PRIZE" mean:

a) "I GOT THE PRIZE": Confirms that the prize is as presented in the advertisement and has been delivered to the winner.

b) "I DID NOT GET THE PRIZE": Confirms that the prize is not as presented in the advertisement or that it has not been delivered to the winner. It will then be investigated by a Lakime representative to decide if the money will be returned to the seller or given to the winner.

11. Miscellaneous

By participating in any competition organized by Lakime, the participant is bound by these terms and conditions.

12. Jurisdiction - Applicable Law

These terms and conditions are governed by English law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England in the event of any dispute.

13. Protection of Personal Data

Lakime collects and processes the personal data of the participants of the Competition, in accordance with the national and EU legislation on personal data protection and in particular the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (EU), the national law 4624/2019 as well as the Decisions, Instructions and Opinions of the Personal Data Protection Authority and takes the necessary technical and organizational measures for the secure processing of the personal data of the participants / winners. For more information on the processing of your personal data you can refer to its Privacy Policy available at our website www.lakime.com.

14. Acceptance of Terms

14.1 These terms and conditions of participation are posted on the website www.lakime.com. Lakime reserves the right to modify the terms of the contest at its sole discretion and any notification of any change or modification will be communicated to entrants as soon as possible.

14.2. In cases of force majeure Lakime reserves the right to cancel or modify the competition and these terms and conditions without notice.

14.3. The submission of participation in this Competition implies the unconditional and automatic acceptance of the terms and conditions of the specific Competition, as they apply. If someone does not accept the terms of participation, they will not be able to participate in the Competition. By submitting their participation, the participants declare that they have the legally required legal capacity to participate in the Competition.

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