Eligibility to participate in the competition is restricted to individuals who have accepted these terms and conditions and have reached the age of 18 or older.

Specifically, participation in the competition requires prior registration by the participant, involving the creation and activation of a personal account (completion of a relevant application form) on the website or through the Lakime online application. Additionally, participants must accept and adhere to the competition's terms and conditions.

The account is established upon the verification of the participant's (hereinafter referred to as the 'buyer') email address and telephone number.

The prospective buyer has the option to purchase one or more tickets. To complete the ticket purchase, the buyer must correctly answer a question (e.g., 'What is the highest mountain in the world?'). Upon a correct answer, they become eligible to participate in the lottery. The lottery is then conducted, and a buyer is drawn and designated as the 'winner of the competition.'

Refunds are not permitted after the purchase of a ticket, even if the specific ticket does not emerge as a winner in the lottery.

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