To post an advertisement on our website, complete the relevant form with details such as your full name, email, phone number, advertisement title and description, photos, ticket price, total ticket quantity, shipping costs, and the lottery date and time. Additionally, acceptance of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and the current Terms and Conditions of the Competition is required.

Sellers have the option to post an advertisement on the Lakime website without a fee. The price of each product for sale is divided into shares, specifically 'tickets.' Sellers guarantee and are responsible for the accurate submission of product information for sale.

By posting an advertisement, the seller enters into an agreement with Lakime, obliging them to sell the registered product to Lakime in accordance with the stated terms and conditions:

  • Lakime agrees to purchase the product at the total price, calculated as the seller's discretion per ticket, multiplied by the total number of tickets sold until the lottery closing date.
  • Lakime receives a 10% commission from the product sale, deducted from the total price (as stated in paragraph 3.3. (a)).
  • Lakime commits to refunding the seller the listed product price entered when placing the advertisement within 30 days from the lottery date or within 48 hours after the winner presses the 'I GOT THE PRIZE' button on the winning ticket (whichever comes first).
  • The seller acknowledges and accepts the obligation to contact the competition winner directly to arrange prize delivery or collection.
  • The seller agrees to take necessary measures to ensure the safe delivery of the prize to the winner, including retaining relevant receipts for proof of sale and prize receipt. Failure to meet deadlines absolves Lakime of responsibility for compensation, replacement, or redemption of the prize.
  • The seller must deliver the prize to the winner within 25 days from the final lottery date. Failure to meet this deadline absolves Lakime from paying the seller the listed product price, with the seller remaining obligated to deliver the prize to the buyer.
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