The final results of the competition will be announced from Lakime on its website, with the disclosure of the ticket code or the full name of the winner, as long as the latter expresses their consent to the specific way of announcing the result.

The winner will be informed after the end of the lottery with a personal email which will be sent to the email address they have already provided.

After being informed, the winner will receive an email with all the necessary information on how to receive the prize as well as the seller’s details who will contact them in order to send the prize.

The seller will receive also an email from Lakime which will publish the contact details of the winner or their name, their email, their phone number and the ticket details.

The shipping costs are not included in the price of the product unless it is explicitly stated in the specific order.

In case of the delivery/shipment of the prize to a specific place, the seller and the winner are responsible for the communication between them and the relevant details.

The winner confirms within 25 days that they have received the prize by selecting "I GOT THE PRIZE” or " I DID NOT GET THE PRIZE" and this choice determines the payment to the seller.


  • "I GOT THE PRIZE": It confirms that the prize is as described in the advertisement and it has been delivered to the winner.
  • "I DID NOT GET THE PRIZE": It confirms that the prize is not as described in the advertisement or it hasn’t been delivered to the winner. Then, one representative of Lakime will investigate the case and decide if the money should be given to the seller or the winner.

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