The final results of the competition will be announced on the Lakime website, revealing the ticket code or the full name of the winner, provided the winner consents to this specific method of result disclosure.

The winner will be personally notified via email after the lottery concludes, using the email address they have previously provided.

Upon notification, the winner will receive an email containing all necessary information on how to claim the prize, along with the seller’s contact details for prize delivery.

Simultaneously, Lakime will send an email to the seller, disclosing the winner's contact details, including their name, email, phone number, and ticket information.

Shipping costs are not included in the product price unless explicitly stated otherwise in the specific order.

In the case of prize delivery to a designated location, effective communication and coordination between the seller and the winner are the joint responsibility of both parties.

Within 25 days, the winner must confirm receipt of the prize by selecting either 'I GOT THE PRIZE' or 'I DID NOT GET THE PRIZE.' This choice dictates the payment process for the seller.

Explanation of 'I GOT THE PRIZE' and 'I DID NOT GET THE PRIZE':

  • 'I GOT THE PRIZE': Confirms that the prize aligns with the advertisement description and has been successfully delivered to the winner.
  • 'I DID NOT GET THE PRIZE': Indicates that the prize either does not match the advertisement description or has not been delivered to the winner. In such cases, a Lakime representative will investigate and determine whether the money should be allocated to the seller or the winner.


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