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Our company under the name "Lakime Limited" with headquarters in London, at 85 Great Portland Street, with Company Number: 12465949, (hereinafter referred to as "Company") created and manages the website (hereinafter referred to as " website”) in order to promote our activities, our products and our services to the public. With this Policy, we wish to inform you about the Cookies we use on our website, the information we collect with them and how our Company uses them.

1. What are Cookies

Cookies are automatically installed text files, with short content, which are allowed to be stored on the computer or other electronic devices (eg mobile phones, tablets, etc.) of the user, who visits a website. This way, the site remembers your actions and preferences (e.g., your language, contact information, and other display preferences) for a period of time, so you do not have to enter those preferences every time you visit a website or when you browse from one page to another. Cookies help you navigate an environment that is more user-friendly.

Cookies are divided into permanent and temporary Cookies. The permanent Cookies are kept for a predetermined period of time or until the user deletes / deactivates them, while temporary Cookies are deleted automatically after the end of the browsing and / or after the closing of the browser.

2. Types and Use of Cookies

Each type of Cookies we use serves different purposes. When you visit our website, we may use the following Cookies:

Only Necessary Cookies

These Cookies have a decisive role in the proper and uninterrupted operation of this website, and without them it would not be technically possible to provide its services. These Cookies are necessary for your safe browsing as well as for the use of the services of the website. For this reason, the necessary Cookies are the only ones that cannot be disabled by the user.

3. How to manage Cookies

You can change your choices about the use of unnecessary cookies at any time via the hyperlink: Settings.

You can always modify the options in your browser to receive notifications about the use of Cookies or to reject the use of Cookies. In this case, if you do not allow the use of Cookies for certain services, you may not have further access to them.

Disabling certain Cookies, depending on their type, may result in incorrect operation of this website.

4. Modifications to this Cookies Policy

Our Company may at any time modify this Cookies Policy for reasons of compliance with regulatory changes or for the optimization of its functions and services. Any updates, modifications, revisions, will be posted immediately on this website.

Last Review: March 2020

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